15 junio, 2024

The primary area is the national customs territory enabled by the Customs office where there are performed the physical operations based on reception, storage and mobilization of goods that enter or leave the country, where the Costums authority exercise their power of control and surveillance without restrictions. The primary areas include the public service’s docks and ports, airports, public and private warehouses and industrial facilities to develop active improvement processes, border crossings enabled by the “Comunidad Andina de Naciones”-CAN- and land routes allowed for the transfer of goods under the Customs office control up to the place where there should be completed the custom formalities.

The secondary area are the places not legally authorized by the Customs authority for the reception, storage, mobilization and loading and unloading goods, international trades.   Therefore, the national or foreing goods under customs control that have to circulate in this areas, must be complemented by the next documents:

-Statement of the customs regime (import, export or transit)

-Shipping form (for it to be possible the transfer of the merchandising from the arrival’s place to the deposits or Duty-free areas in the same customs jurisdiction)

-Nationalization invoice (in case that the regulation requires )

-Load transfer form.

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