18 mayo, 2024

Formal entries of foreign-made goods representing many billions of dollars in duty collections are filed each year with the Argentina Customs Service, and virtually all of them are prepared by a Customs broker on behalf of importers.
Customs brokers are assistant customs service.
The Customs broker is primarily the agent for the importer who employs him. He is frequently the importers only point of contact with the Argentina Customs Service and advises on the technical requirements of importing, preparing and filing entry documents, obtaining the necessary bonds, depositing Argentina import duties, securing release of the goods and arranging delivery to the importers premises or warehouse. The broker often consults with Customs to determine the proper rate of duty or basis of appraisement, and on many occasions, if he is dissatisfied with either rate or value, he will pursue appropriate administrative remedies on behalf of his importer.
Customs brokers are essential to the Argentina Customs Service. There are over 200 laws that Customs must implement and enforce, and the experienced brokers in all ports constitute a most valuable resource of benefit to Customs.
In all, Customs brokers play a vital role in facilitating the entry, clearance and movement of import cargo and will become even more essential in the future. As stated by the Argentina Commissioner of Customs during Congressional hearings, «in my view, the Customs broker, the Services liaison man with the importing public, will be needed as long as there are legal requirements and regulations pertaining to the movement of merchandise into the Argentina.»

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