14 julio, 2024

This was ordered by decree 333/2017, published today in the Official Gazette; The measure, which excludes donations and public bodies, remains in force until 2022

After years of legal emptiness, the government today decided to extend for five years the rule prohibiting the importation of used clothing. Since June 30, 2015, there was no regulation in this respect when the last extension of the measure that originally came into force expired In 1991.
Through decree 33/2017 published this morning in the Official Gazette, it was ruled again that clothing, accessories and parts of clothing destined to be marketed in the domestic market will not be allowed to enter the country.
«The ban on imports of used clothing published in the Official Gazette today reinstates a measure that was originally envisaged in 1991 and then extended by different standards,» sources told the Commerce Ministry.
The regulations, signed by the Vice-President in charge of the Executive, Gabriela Michetti; The chief of Cabinet, Marcos Peña; And the Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera, reaches the «tariff positions of the Common Nomenclature of MERCOSUR (N.C.M.) 6309.00.10 and 6309.00.90», which refer to the item articles of clothing.
«It focuses punctually on textiles with noticeable signs of use and entering in bulk, ie garments that cannot be identified if they were disinfected, disinfected, ratted, etc. It is a measure with a sanitary basis,» added the sources.
In this regard, the measure seeks «to ensure the safeguard of public health and safety and the environment in general,» according to the text of the decree.

The ban, however, includes the exception for donations of used clothing received by public and private non-profit entities. To access this benefit, these institutions must enter a special registry, which will be created especially in the framework of the Ministry of Production. There, they must request the corresponding permission and inform the destination of each donation received.

«Since the 1990s, the importation of used clothing was never allowed, but at that time it could be imported, but for a month or two, it would not have occurred to any official not to extend the rule,»
The first ban on imports was made on 25 June 1999 under the Mercosur Joint Provisions and was extended in 2000 until 30 June 2005 and then extended for another five years plus.
The counterpart of the high level of protection that the textile industry has to the advance of imported merchandise is given by the prices of garments at the local level.

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