28 mayo, 2024

At the time of import or export goods, taking into account the type of vehicle, journey time and price, to get the best result is often.  To give priority to the lowest cost as a determining factor in choosing the transport, it is necessary to analyze what type of transport is the most convenient in function of the product to export or import. The correct choice of means requires a previous study or at least a detailed knowledge of the particular specifications of each type of transport, which at all times must take into account the characteristics and demands of the product.

Key Factors

Class of goods: some products allow you to take into account different means of transport. However there are some that allow only one type of transport. For example, if we transport a hazardous product, the airway is not an option.


Location: The place of emission and reception of the goods, that is, the distance between the two points, is crucial to decide the most convenient transportation. At this point, is influenced by elements such as the security or weather conditions during the tour.


Cost: This feature should also comply with the requirements of security that the nature of the product requires. It is advisable to compare the price of the airway with the land.


Security and care in the goods: It is advised that those goods of high value or fragile, are transported by air. In the sea, and if the product is susceptible to theft, it is advisable to transport containers.


Immediacy: Although the greater speed in the delivery of the goods is a plus of effectiveness highly valued by the receiver or client, other factors are prioritized at the time of the decision, such as the lower cost or that it complies with the safety requirements in accordance with the product.


Features by means

  • Sea: It is a means of transport, more goods can be transported and the most commonly used by companies for international trade. To not be the fastest transport, is offset to be more economical over long distances. In addition, it is one of the safest means of transport.


  • Transport: Is the transport of urgent shipments or when transporting a fragile merchandise and/or of high value, but it is the most expensive.


  • Transportation: Transportation is the most recommendable with short and medium distances; and up to 2,500 km in the case of operations. It goes to where none of the other means can be reached, even though the accident rate is high.


  • Multimodal Transport: combines different means of transport, because sometimes it is not possible to transport the same merchandise in media. This modality can have the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them.

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