22 julio, 2024

In the following report we will talk about the hotel industry, its daily vocabulary, the brochures used, the writing of an e-mail in its area of work and images.

Chambermaid: Camarera
“The chambermaid is very talkative”
Twin rooms: Habitación de dos camas
“My friend and I want twin rooms”
Check in: Registrarse
“I want to check in in this hotel”
Doorman: Portero
“The doorman is very gentle”
To pay the bill: Pagar la cuenta
“I have to pay the bill but I don’t have money”
Breakfast included: Desayuno incluido
“Is the breakfast included?”
Available rooms: Habitaciones disponibles
“Is there any available room?”
Service of breakfast/lunch/dinner: Servicio de desayuno/almuerzo/cena
“Could you tell me what time is the service of breakfast/lunch/dinner?”
Accept credit cards: Aceptan tarjetas de crédito
“Does this hotel accept credit cards?”
Room key: Llave de la habitación
“Could you give me the room key?”

Dear collegues of London:
In response to your e-mail, my parents and I would be pleased to work in your Company for the period we are assigned. We are four girls and our names are Dato Lucia, Gómez Lis, Benítez Micaela, González Lucila. We are Senior Hotel Technicians.
We specialize in the kitchen area, administration area to help our guests, the cleaning area and events organization. All of us star working at six o’clock until two p.m.
We like helping guests and working with helpful partners in a comfortable atmosphere but we don’t like when people talk to the workers in a disrespectful way. We also don’t like to work more than 12 hours. We can work far away from where we usually do, we don’t go out of the country.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Dato Lucia
Benitez Micaela
Gomez Lis
Gonzalez Lucila

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