22 junio, 2024

China is one of the cheapest manufacturers around the world for its low production costs and labor.And as result, many of the big brands you know (Apple, HP, etc.) make their products through contract factories in China.
Howsell imported product
Once youve spent whole process and have the merchandise in your hands, you will only sell.
I Already have a physical store, or youre thinking of renting a place for your own business, you can do there. But if do not have enough budget for that, open an online store and sell your products imported there.
You can even open a Facebook page and start selling by that means if you have no knowledge to open an online store, or if you want get yours quickly.
To join this new group of entrepreneurs who are already generating huge revenues to imports, only you need the following:
? A computer with Internet access
? A email address valid and a valid mailing address in your home or your office in your country they will send the goods
? a little money in your bank account
Where buy?
Alibaba is Chinas largest website there to buy all kinds of items. Sales volume per day (and profits) is monstrous.
It has a completely Spanish Version,and it the best you can change the currency to view prices depending the country where you are.
It is an ideal site if you want start an import business because most of its products are sold wholesale in packs of different units.
How you pay for the products?
Through simple online payment systems. You can make a simple bank transfer or pay with your card. credit or debit
What if you cheat?
Scams and frauds have been a major concern in online transactions for long time.
What if you pay for them, but never get to send them? How can you ensure you receive the exact products for which you paid?
The two web pages that youve recommended above in this article have a program called «buyer protection» included in the payment process.
This mechanism, called Escrow, works like: instead of paying you directly to seller, and DHgate Aliexpress «freeze» that payment until you receive your products.
Once you received, if you are satisfied with the goods, you confirm that everything is correct, and your payment arrives and sellers is released. It is a simple process that ensures that the buyer (you)never be scammed, and receive what you have paid for.
How do you ship the products?
Some products on these two pages have service included «free shipping» many countries. Although this option is very attractive, it is also the longest entails: usually between 15 to 60 days to reach depending on your country.
Apart from all this long time,may also be impossible know where your package when shipped. If security and receive the goods soon not matter much, this is a good option that increase your profits slightly.
Other common shipping options on both websites is shipping by private companies such as DHL, EMS, and FedEx. They are more expensive alternative, but you be sure receive the items sooner and more safely.
What products are most popular?
DHgate Aliexpress as both have the most popular and bestselling products on Internet.
Some of these are clothes and accessories (both male and female), electronics (cameras) and mobile phones and accessories (helmets for smartphones, chargers, batteries …). In recent months, the hair extensions are gaining special importance.
While clothes, cell phones and extensions are very popular, it is best to investigate the market around you,and you analyze what is the profile of your ideal client to know what that person sell better.
How much capital need to start?
As you have and see if you visit Aliexpress or DHgate, many of the products they sell are really cheap. Not all, but most have very low prices.
In fact, the more units but the same item, cheaper will cost for the benefits of wholesale. And remember that the lesspay,more benefits you get.
Do not need rob a bank or get into debt to start this business to import from China. Begins with products that cost little and have a high demand in your town or country.
Use this to test the viability of your business idea and gain confidence in you. For most products you import, you can generate between 50% and 75% profit if you find the right buyers to sell.
When you earn more income slowly, you can start testing with other goods that cost a little more.
Avoid the temptation to invest a lot of money at first you seem very exciting idea unless you already have a business with a good customer base willing to buy your imported products.
Will I have problems with customs?
One of the biggest concerns that importers before starting this business is what happens when your packages have to cross the customs, whether or not they should pay taxes, and what is the best way to avoid problems with shipping.
Since this is an issue that can be somewhat complicated to explain (and that in each country there are different regulatory laws), it is best to ask a customs agent to properly inform your country.

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