24 mayo, 2024

A bank is a company and as every company aspires to make a profit this gets it thanks to its different areas that are known as platforms in each branch we can find a responsible  of the same and subordinates who are responsible for these platforms and in turn has subordinates (can perform specific and basic functions but can not sing ) performing different functions.

In the banking structure the manager and sub manager are authorized  to sing and authorize all types of operations within the branch as well as to sing on behalf of the entity , as responsible for everything that happens in it .

The commercial platform is in charge  of a commercial platform manager who supervises the activity of the branch  as well as some specific  operations according  to its responsibility(one of them sing authorizing  operations that exceeds the hierarchy of their subordinates).

To perform a more effective work has subalternos that help him as responsible in the different platforms namely commercial, operative and treasury.

The commercial is responsible for selling the products of the bank ,fixed term ,checking account ,saving bank personal loans ,mortgage loans .

The operative is the one that deals with the operations that do not require a direct sale or opening of accounts, cashiers receiving money for the payment of services ,tickets, deposits, etc do not have the purpose of going out to sell the product itself , the two platforms work together that  does not  remove  that  the people of commercial platform can not  do tasks of the operative for what is commercial  does indirect things instead of strictly selling the product what it does is convince  to the customer  and then transfer it to the commercial one  can do the operative part  for example a commercial platform  account agent  can sell a client a mortgage loan and at the same  time open a package  with banking service , saving account or checking account this can do the same agent of the commercial platform what  is doing is an operation of the operating platform the only thing  that does is open the cu then it is not the sale itself , but what  it does is that ,open the accounts so that the whole  commercial operatin can be successfully achieved .

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