4 marzo, 2024

Fear of not surviving or not reaching the end of the month.
It is instinctive and unfortunately has been the protagonist for many people after this long crisis. Just as animals defend their food, we need to protect that which allows us to have shelter or food.
It happens when you do not have work and you need it, when you get to the one you have, even if you do not like it, or when youre anxious to look at the checking account.


Fear of rejection

This is a classic of Latin cultures. It has to do with what they will say in all their versions: From fear of success, to speaking in public, or to express yourself in a language you do not control, to the fear of ridicule. It has other more limiting versions, such as not expressing different points of view and seeking to please everyone, even at their own expense.

Fear to fail.

This is one of the most common. It happens when you find it hard to make mistakes, when you fall into the arms of the most exaggerated perfectionism Or when you want recognition at any price.
It is also very paralyzing, because it can lead you not to advance or not to make decisions so as not to be wrong.


Fear of loss of power.

Most people like to have some power or ability Of influence even in the neighborhood meeting or in the group of friends. The stronger that need is, the more pronounced this fear will be. You will fall into it if you have a hard time losing a position of responsibility, if you need to be close (close) to people with power or when social recognition moves you a lot.

Fear of change.

It is the tailors box where all the previous fears are gathered and that characterizes many people.

It is observed when you resist change no matter how small or when new ideas are a threat.


What is your most important fear? As often happens, it depends on many factors: age, position in the hierarchy, level of self-esteem … While a long-term unemployed person is worried about how to get to the end of the month, a manager of a multinational will be worried about losing his business card and all that entails. In spite of this, both people surely share some of the fears that we mentioned here.
No one escapes, not even the Buddhist teachers, who often say: «Very seldom are we not afraid. Only when we feel panic. «. Therefore, the challenge is not to not feel it because it is impossible and even not very intelligent, because thanks to fear we are prudent. The goal, therefore, is not to stop you. To achieve this, as a first step you have to recognize its impact and identify between the previous types which damages you more and prevents you from reaching your goals.

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