16 junio, 2024

Business plan:

1) The idea of Business

Are immediate goal is to create a importing company.

It was originally imported in the name and own risk later sell to customers of the company. However, they may also offer services as varied as: selection of manufactures product analysis supplier evaluation, tariff study, verification of loading and sealing of the container, organization and supervision of container, organization and supervisor of logisties, management of customs products and transport to the customer’s, warehouse, etc.

2) Identification/as entrepreneurs/as

The entrepreneur must be a person entitled preferably in economics, marketing or law with specific training in foreing trade and work experience in the area of at least three years it is imperative command of languages (english, french, german, etc.)

Service/ Market

-The product or service

The normal development of the activities of the company consist of :

-International Purchases: the objetive is the import of products and subcontracting in producing markets and ensure the provision of customer products in the conditions agreed with the manufacturer.

Here you can include the following activities.

Selection manufacturers: given the parameters set by the customer in terms of product features and technical variable.

Analysis of the products

Supplier evaluation: Perform factory quality controls thath guarantee the suitability of the product.

Tariff study: Analyze the toxation of the products when it is imported and non-tariff barriers in order to assess the suitability of purchase.

Verification of loading and sealing of the container

Organization and supervision of logistics manager customs clearance and transportation to the customer’s wate house.

Preselection of suppliers: It is preselect suppliers internationally from parameters defines by the client company. Once the preset agenda for the subsequent visit is made.

Choice of providers: analysis and choice of suppliers from the parameters defined by the client company a vendor is selected In this wat and after the relevant report the client company can hace a vendor without even leaving the country.

Monitoring of production processes: it may be that the client company has suppliers abroad and need the supervision of production processes.

Controls expedition: when the client company need to certify that the product sends the outside supplier is contracted and meets the requirements specified.

Distribution of imported products: in this sense, the basic function is to move the product is to move the product to the customer (manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer).

The market

The economic progress of a region is closely related to the volume and diversification of their trade.

International purchasing management is a key element business competitiveness because of the importance in business performance by influencing directly on the profit margin, delivery, quality of product/service , etc.


The potential customers of an importer and distributor company are:




Given the type of market that are usually targeted these businesses, competition is given mainly by:

-Importers wholessalers to distribute similar on the same sector products.

-Wholesale companies that distribute similar domestic products.

Together, the competitions analysis can be carried out from another point of view:

-Horizontal competitions: Distributors of the same type at the same level.

-Horizontal competitions intertype: as in the previous case, but differ in sales formula (assortment and different prices)

Vertical competitions: dealers who are at different levels.

-Competitions between networks: for example traditional network against mail order.

All these types of competitions will have to be taken into account then carrying out the business plan.

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