14 julio, 2024

Communication plays a very important role in tourism. At present, most people, for a matter of comfort, confidence and security buy a package tour through a travel agency. Analyzing how to advise the traveler we must take into account several points. The information must be complete, as clear as possible; it must communicate everything the traveler needs to know, such as the climatic conditions with which they can be found, if there are festivities, such as the political situation of that country, to avoid being found with manifestations in its time of rest.

You must listen carefully and watch the customer, so you can know what you are looking for, whether you want to relax alone, in a couple, with friends, if you are looking for fun or to make excursions.

How you want it, how many days you plan to stay, if you want to be in one place or make several stops and most important for most is how much you are willing to pay and how to fund it. Fundamentally the last point we are going to become aware as we are presenting our promotions as we will notice changes in facial gestures or movements that will perform unconsciously. The customer will surely be thinking about the cost that can be paid and which destination convinces him more, both economically and personally.

When we see these responses of expressions and see that maybe the sale is going to fall we will try to accommodate ourselves and persuade him by changing his tone of voice, staring at him so that he pays enough attention to what we are communicating. Another important way to do this is to offer you more information that may not appear in the brochures or on the internet, we will provide you with benefits such as giving you free of charge some excursions or tastings in a local area of ??the chosen place.

In case you have any difficulties during the trip or stay the best we can do is communicate as possible, by phone or via email if you are abroad, to make our apologies, give you a solution and give you a benefit to soften the Bad moment generated.We must have broad knowledge related to the culture in general and the updating of the destination we are offering.

Also be well presented with good looks and prove us safe with the information we want to sell.Addressing all the doubts and concerns as often as necessary will help the client feel at ease, stimulated and most important that we choose again.


The tourism agency must have ample sources of information and an adequate communication with the traveler. In this way, we are able to capture the needs and expectations that the client wants from the trip in the best possible way. In addition it must count on professional experts in destinies and trips with cultural and technical preparation. Employees should be considered with special attention as this will depend on personal and professional quality within the company.

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