23 junio, 2024

Textile Company.
It is a textile company dedicated to the production, storage and distribution of a well-known brand of clothing called: Legacy.

The deposit is divided into:
Entry sector: Transit.
Storage sector: Shelves O/And Playon.
Production sector: line of boxes.
Output sector: Logistics or/and dispatch.

What does each sector take care of?

Entry sector:
Unload the merchandise.

Storage sector:
Shelves and/or Playon

Production sector:
Box Line
Order assembly.
Order control.
Finished the order.

Output sector:
Logistics and/or dispatch
Order packing.
Choose means of transport.
Organize deliveries.
Distribute to customers.

How do I prepare an order?
Each order differs by its customer number and 5-digit order number each.

How do I save the order?
The garments come to the line of boxes in carts with their customer number and order.
It proceeds to store in medium box, girl or bale, depends the quantity and type of garments.

The customer number and order are entered in the box or Bale.
It is palletized, on the one side inside on the other side and on the other hand direct.

How is the customer identified?
For each client a different label color is used, but first you have to know if it is:

Local Order: Your customer number starts with 19 and pink label is used.

Interior Order: Your customer number begins with 30, 31 and white label is used.

Direct order: Your customer number begins with 10, 11.12 and gray label is used.

How is the order finished?
Once the order is stored in box or bale, the number of customer and order is entered in a computer system called Gaci.

You proceed to read garment by garment and once the reading is finished, the finalized label is printed.

How do we know if the order has to be checked?

If the order has to be checked, at the time of confirming the order the system will print a different label to the finalized label.

How is the order handled?

Enter the box control option, read the label, read garment per garment, confirm the case and print the finished label.

The finished label will be green to identify that the box was controlled.

Finished the order

Once the box or order is finished, dispatch will take care of packing it, to control the quantity of boxes that have the order, to agree the delivery, to discharge and to distribute the orders to their respective clients.

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