20 mayo, 2024

Work safety

Word and health With the entry into force of the law on prevention of occupational risksand the new. Approach to community law, this matter will be tackled from a point of view of an integral and broader view, that is, from the concept of health and safetyLabor and its specialties: Safety at work, industrial hygiene,ergonomics and applied psycho sociology and occupational medicine.The field of action of these specialties will be centered on the conditionsworking of people, to preserve occupational safety and health from the same.

Labor risk factors and their prevention Occupational risk factors will be those elements or can cause occupational hazard. The main occupational risk factors are as follows:·         Factors or safety conditions. Factors of physical, chemical or biological origin, or environmental conditions:Factors derived from the characteristics of the work. Factors derived from the work operation.

Prevention understood as «the set of activities or measures adopted or planned at all stages of the companys activity, in order to avoid or reduce the risks arising from work «(article 4, LPRL), is going away to be carried out through the said Techniques or Specialties preventive measures: Safety at work, industrial hygiene, And applied psycho sociology together with low. The need to take preventive measures and, in case, the type of the same, will be given by the evaluation of occupational hazards. In response to the problems posed by the working environment and to solve them(to eliminate them) or to reduce them (in case they can not be eliminated) appearTechniques that encompass prevention:·         Job security.·         Industrial hygiene. Ergonomics:         Identification of  preventive techniques·         For the improvement of working conditions Psycho sociology:      Preventive medicine. They seem like independent techniques, but we have to know that it will be the collaboration of experts in the various subjects and the concatenation of all of them in the form to improve working conditions, so that and multidisciplinary teamwork is essential. Many of the problems we will have to attack with several techniques at once. To know the risks of work accidents in a given activity. The health effects of workers who can as a result of work and evaluation. The possibility that they may happen. This is the analysis of the risks.  To see the damages that may occur and to assess the possibility of actually occurring: In order to analyze the risks: Must begin by identifying and describing.These risks.Identification of damage to safety and health in the worldplace·         Risk:·         Possibility of damage occurring: Hurt:Refers to the injury suffered by theemployee.Possibility:It is the one that exists. That this injury occurs, describing a risk consists of defining the two parts that make up the conceptRisk: harm and possibility: «Damage» is defined by the resulting injury; for example: death, amputation, of the hand, etc.The «possibility» is determined by the events that have to happen since the accident starts from the risk situation to the production of the damage. Example: Fatal accident caused by falling from the fourth floor of a building in construction, by losing balance, working in the vicinity of an open-protection.·         The sequence of events has been: working in an opening without protection, lose balance and fall. These events determine the of the final damage to occur.      The risk in this case would be described in all its concepts of the following shape:·         Possibility initial risk situation: Work on a fourth floor of a building near an opening without protection.·         Sequence of events of the accident: Loss of balance and fall in height. Hurt·         Final injuries: Death.·         Full Risk Description: Risk of death from falling from height by losing working in the vicinity of an unprotected opening in the fourth floor of a building.


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