14 julio, 2024

The communication is responsible for transmitting a specific message to a group of people known as public, they are our objectives, in order to present activities, products, views, etc. For this we use tools, such as public relations, which are targeted communications to increase the visibility and credibility of an organization.

The messages must be elaborated taking into account the interest and cultural level of the target audience, because for many it can be easy to interpret and difficult for others.
Both PR, advertising and journalism use communication to achieve their goals. The former have some characteristics that differentiate them from the rest.
The communication is dialogated unlike the journalism that is unilateral.
The message is personalized, prepared for a specific audience with a specific purpose.
It is indefinite in time, because its intention is to reach the public and the east is always renewed.

As we said, the external communication of an organization is destined to the environment of the same. To be successful we can use tools that we have available, and these will give us important advantages, such as marketing, PR, internet, advertising, fairs, etc. The success or failure of our campaign will depend on the image we project both outside and inside the organization.
To position a company or product we must carry out an analysis of the market to know what the consumers demand, and to study which product or service will satisfy their needs more completely.
It must be taken into account that our communication plan should not be outside the characteristics and objectives of the company, but the opposite, the communication must be a reflection of the business strategy but focused on attracting the consumer and that this one feels their needs Satisfied with what we offer.

In any communication plan, these aspects must be taken into account.

Define the corporate identity, which is the company, goals and principles.
Perceived image, by the market.
Ideal image, the one we want to convey.
Define objectives, to transform the current image to the ideal.
Define media
Define schedule of action, costs, budgets, controls.
The most important functions to be developed by public relations are:
Support and reinforce the work of sales and marketing departments.
Prepare and supervise the specific actions of promotion and marketing of the products or services it represents.
Maintain a permanently favorable climate for the products or services it represents, through constant contact with customers, suppliers, social agents, etc.
Establish a good working environment and achieve in the employees the spirit and image that the company intends abroad.
To ensure that no problem alters or damages the image of the company in the social field.

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