25 mayo, 2024

The Department of Human Resources is one of the most important in  an organization. It is responsable for the management of Human Resources, and is formed by a group of qualified persons in the area, to achieve the following objectives:

  •  Organization and planning of personnel: Design the corresponding jobs, define roles and responsibilities, forecast staff needs in the medium and long term, and analyze remuneration systems and internal promotion, among other tasks.
  • Recruitment: Procedures to attract competent candidates for a job in the company.
  • Selection: the right choice of the people who have to work in the company. A complete analysis of the candidate must be performed for a series of tests, psychological, physical, health, etc.
  • Career plans and professional promotion: Generate programs in which people can acquire the necessary experience and then be able to progress in the organization.
  • Training: It allows company personnel to adapt to the changes they produce in society. The company must facilitate training for the specific task to be performed.
  • Evaluation of performance and control of personnel: Control aspects such as absenteeism, overtime, staff movements, age pyramid or labor relations, and correct mismatches between the competencies of the worker and those required by the post.
  • Climate and job satisfaction: Detect the workers level of satisfaction within the organization and the reasons for discontent, with the intention of applying corrective measures.
  • Personnel management: Manage all the legal-administrative procedures that involve the companys personnel, encompassing areas such as the selection and formalization of contracts, processing of payroll and social insurance and control of the rights and duties of the worker.
  • Labor Relations: Promote communication between the company and his employees, using the partners of these.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards: To study working conditions and possible occupational hazards, for the implementation of prevention and protection measures, in order to preserve the health of the people working in the company.


The Human Resources department seeks to integrate the human resource with the productive process of the company, making the latter more effective as a result of the selection and hiring of the best talent available based on the exercise of an excellent work that each one develops in your area. As well as the maximization of the quality of the productive process depends on equally on the training of human elements to make their knowledge more valid.
The Human Resources Department of a company looks for the strategies and policies used by each department to be the most appropriate, and in any case serves as advice and consultation of each department. This is a department that unites the most efficient Human Resources.

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