16 junio, 2024


Studying Hotel room is an activity  in a permanent state of expansion, growth and innovation, since in recent years it has allowed all cities to have their own tourism industry with important levels of visitors at the regional level. In Argentina, the industry is growing more and more, this is extremely beneficial for professionals in the hotel area since there is a promising future in the workplace, thanks to the transportation industry and the technology industry, hotels are increasingly advancing in as far as technology is concerned, so it is advantageous for one to specialize because the learning is constant allowing us to grow professionally. In Argentina in 2017 thousands of tourists traveled throughout the country during January, as every year . January is the month with the largest hotel reservations in the country, the most visited places during the first year of 2017 were Córdoba who received 2100,000 tourists that means an increase of 4.4 per cent in relation to r 2016 that their hotel occupancy in the province of Cordoba was 70 per cent, in the sea of ??silver that is always the most visited received 1,400.00 people it means 1.3 more than in 2016 that its hotel occupancy surpassed 70 per cent in 2017, in Mendoza it was also one of the most visited in Argentina that in January reached a 73 per cent in its occupational hotel, missions was also hotel success since Exceeded 61 per cent with more than 407,000 people and Bariloche exceeded 80 percent in occupational hotel.

The advantages of working in a hotel not only in high season but also, all the time is the possibility of acquiring knowledge in the workplace since the variety of functions that must be performed in a hotel plus the knowledge acquired in Universities and Institutions to provide training and professional development of the hotel worker.

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