21 junio, 2024

Tourism is a commercial activity very successful in the so-called «emerging economies» during recent years benefited thanks to new technologies.

This activity takes 10 per cent of world GDP and 1.5 billion dollars in export and this figure is expected to continue to rise as the tourism offers one of each 11 jobs in all these areas. A tourist when it reaches  destination consumes accommodation, transport, restaurants, bars, memories or «souvenirs «until the art shows and other industries.

This growth is due to  rise of the diversification between destinations, and improvements in infrastructure and accessibility, such improvements is not only benefit and embellish the destination but also to the local population.

The domestic tourism is a promising factor that promotes the interest in indigenous cultures, history and the feeling of belonging to the unit as a society that makes us morally stronger makes us to reflect and take care in the first place the place visited and secondly give value.

As not everything can be pink,  tourism also affects all the communities in which is found in many of the most symbolic tourist centers there are advances indiscriminate i.e., in pursuit of progress can be raze the natural resource whether beaches, forests, museums, sacred sites etc.

The concept of sustainability or sustainability that is achieving a balance between the natural resource vs the economic resource, as it should be act in the face of the tourist exploitation of a natural resource, as have to safeguard and protect in environmental terms so that it can endure through time.

The role of a professional in tourism is very necessary because in  our country in 2016 closed with an unemployment rate of 7.6% and this is an activity with an increase in jobs. Would also be favored in their infrastructure i.e. paving of routes, improvements building, access to drinking water, sewers and protectionist measures that is to improve the quality of life of our residents for not  only promote a destination but also a society that is more just and more secure for all .

Argentina was a pioneer in Latin America to be the first one in tourism development since the first plan of social tourism started in 1943/44 on the basis of social justice with a large trade union movement, social and economic almost 73 years that in Argentina are laid these bases that tourism first is a right and second a tool for the development and protection.

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