21 junio, 2024

It is well-known that the companys personnel must assume safe attitudes during the development of their work, the application of adequate means of protection, training in safe work practices, constant attention of the operator are fundamental conditions for the use of machinery.

The principle of protection in any machinery always refers to the basic concept that if the operation itself or zone of danger does not guarantee the safety of machines, machines must necessarily be provided with a means of protection (guards) that eliminates or reduces the danger .

That is to say:

  • The point or danger zone must be secured by its own position or position of the machine
  • The machine must be provided with protection that prevents or hinders access to the danger point.
  • The machine must be provided with an adequate means of protection that eliminates the hazard before it can be reached by that point or danger zone.

Often in addition to protection, safety standards often require protection measures such as the use of personal protective equipment, safety training and safe working operating practices.

Machinery and tools used in establishments must be safe and, if they cause hazards, they can not be used without adequate protection.

Motors that cause risks will be isolated and access to the service will be denied.

The transmissions will comprise the shafts, couplings, pulleys, belts, gears, friction mechanisms and others. They shall be fitted with the most appropriate protection for the specific risk of each transmission, in order to avoid possible accidents that may cause the worker.

The parts of machines and tools in which there are mechanical hazards and where the worker does not perform operative actions, will have effective protections, such as covers, screens, railings and others, that will fulfill the following requirements:

  • Effective by design.
  • Resistant material.
  • Displaceable for adjustment or repair.
  • They will allow the control and lubrication of the elements of the machines.
  • Assembly or movement may only be done intentionally.
  • They will not constitute risks per se.

In view of the mechanical risk, the necessary safety devices must be

They will meet the following requirements:

  • They will form an integral part of the machines.
  • Will act free of obstruction.
  • Do not limit the look of the operating area.
  • They will leave this area clear of obstacles.
  • Do not demand positions or forced movements.
  • Protect effectively from projections.
  • They will not constitute a risk per se.
  • Will not unnecessarily interfere with the normal production process.

Maintenance operations shall be carried out with adequate safety conditions, including stopping the machinery if necessary.

Any machine that is damaged or whose operation is risky, will be signaled with the prohibition of its handling by workers not in charge of its repair.

To avoid startup, the main switch or main switch or at least the direct starter of the electric motors shall be blocked by means of locks or similar locking devices, the key of which shall be in the hands of the person responsible for the repair which may be taking place.

In the event that the machine requires the simultaneous service of several work groups, the aforementioned switches, keys or starters must have a special device that contemplates their multiple use by the different groups.

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