18 mayo, 2024

Unlike other Latin American countries, Argentina prepares to receive Christmas with a series of customs and traditions typical of the time, where family value and Christmas Eve dinner play a very important role. Here are the most popular Christmas events in Argentina.

During the Christmas season, people congregate massively in local churches tnavidad-1111o attend Mass and to remain in a reflective mood. The eve of December 25 is an opportunity to appreciate the value of family and share with loved ones the bread that is on the table.

The typical dishes for the Christmas dinner are usually the turkey and the pork, which is accompanied by a good glass of wine and some toast or sweets. In most Christmas tables we will find the famous Vitel Toné and the traditional egg salad, with pieces of potatoes and mayonnaise. In addition, we may find tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad and many desserts like ice cream, custards, tarts – especially chocolate – and nougats. At the end of the dinner it is customary to continue with a tasting of sweet breads, preserves and glasses of champagne.

It is also important to mention the decoration, which usually exploit the red and white colors to the maximum to set their rooms. Inside, the family hangs a red Christmas sock and installs the Christmas tree that is decorated with flashing lights.

Due to the great European influence in Argentina (especially Italy and Spain) it is normal to see in the houses the typical Christmas decorations that we see here, full of snow, reindeer and Santa Claus. Who also brings gifts to the children during the night after dinner and before Christmas itself. The gifts are opened at the  same night, as they do in North America and later adults drink a few drinks (usually cider or juice mixed with pieces of fruit, very refreshing for the summer) and, the younger ones, go dancing while the older ones do it at home.

So, although the Argentines mix the European and American Christmas tradition with their customs in the end the climate of the place wins and with it the delicious food that is served on this special day: elaborate cold dishes that in addition to delighting the palate make the family enjoy together this special day to later go out to the street or dance to celebrate.

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