12 junio, 2024

We all know that an event is the gathering of a group of people who are in one place, on an established date and with predetermined objectives, therefore they have several types of public that carry out different activities until the day and during the date.

The group of people can be classified in primary and secondary. The primaries are those that have a direct relationship as the family or a group of friends and the secondary ones are those that have an indirect, less close relation.

Publics are a group of people who share a particular interest and also have a status and role related to the company.

Members of a public share the same status among themselves and play a similar role in relation to the organization. Therefore, status is the position, place that occupies a person within that social group, and the role is the function expected according to the status or position it has.

By this way, each group of individuals occupy a determined public status with respect to the organization and interprets its public role based on that status.

Publics are classified as internal, external and mixed. Internal audiences are all those who are part of the company group such as employees, bosses, owners, etc. External audiences are related to any group that has some interest such as clients, competition, NGO, ministries of justice, society. And finally the mixed public are the providers who work independently but provide in the company and the relatives.relaciones-publicas-nal3

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