21 mayo, 2024

This career consists in all types of events and ceremonies from personal ones to business and governmental ones. Conferences and exhibits also be organized.

We generally work with a list of catering companies, specialized and responsible waiters, a chef and a group of cooks and assistant. A staff of decorators accompanied by cleaning staff and different musicians and comedians to meet eventual customer show needs are also a must.

The most interesting part of their career is the satisfaction after an event ends up successfully. It is a very hard work which lasts long hours especially on weekend and holiday.
An event is a special moment that deserves a special organization because it is a detailed act and prepared with much dedication. They often relate the organization to an easy activity, however it is much more than it seems. When planning an event, you must keep in mind that you work with people outside the company, ie suppliers, who can help the organization or can fail and generate problems at the time of the event. The organization of an event is accurate and must comply with all the times and requirements requested by both the customer and the suppliers with whom they work.

Organizing an event is a very hard job but the results are rewarding. The realization of the event that is planned, both social and business, is the part enjoyed by the client and the organizer, since all the work that was previously planned is seen in physical. The organizer must even control the activities and suppliers during the event, and must solve the contingencies that arise during the event. Its a very nice race for the results you get.
If the event organizing career you like, do not hesitate to study to be a professional event organizer because it is a very nice experience and can not be compared to anything, it is a unique career.


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