16 junio, 2024

Tourism in the city of Pelotas offer an important movement during the four seasons of the year. Pelotas is located at the southeast of Brazil, on the verge of the São Gonzalo Canal. This city is the destination chosen by hundreds of families, to enjoy a beautiful vacation. In this area of Brazil, the climate is subtropical . Summer is warm while winters are characterized by being cold. Because Pelotas is only 250 km from Porto Alegre, this city is visited by foreigners who come to Brazil to discover their culture, to know the most important cities and to interact with their inhabitants.

Rio Grande do Sul with his great European colonial heritage is the southern most state of Brazil with approximately 1.5 million inhabitants, the capital of the state of Porto Alegre is a modern and progressive city and is one of the most important cities in southern Brazil. Other highlights in alpine-style villages such as Gramado and Canela, while Torres is the best known beach town of the 622 km of the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

Pelotas has a huge historical and cultural heritage, which can be verified through its preserved architecture and registered buildings. Pelotas is characterized by the mixtures of ethnicities, it is not difficult to understand its cultural wealth. The municipality is a national artistic and historical heritage his  beautiful architectural buildings of strong European influence, is one of the largest Eclectic style of Brazil, in quantity and quality.

The Fresh Coast is a tourist region located in the south of Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. A ride around this location is a journey throu— gh history, culture, nature and the beauty of this region.In Pelotas it is possible to visit the Z73 Fishermen Colony and the city Eco camping, attend Windsurf, Kitesuri or horse riding lessons, and also taste delicious dishes from restaurants participating in the project called “laranjal’s flavors». Summer in the laranjal beach in Pelotas is very hot: sports, flavors, ads venture, leisure activities. The municipality also has beautiful beaches in the surroundings: Santo Antonio, Valverde and dos Prazeres.

Simplicity and comfort are the differentials offered to whom is in search of agricultural tourism, besides, the beautiful landscape, of courses The countryside of Pelotas offers several destinies and the most varied forms to enjoy nature at its best, such as guided ecological tracks, waterfall bathing, horse riding, extreme sports and a wide rich cookery. Besides its delicious colonial gastronomy you can enjoy family service, carried out by kind people who are willing to show you nothing but the best You will experience a bit more about the Italian, French, African and Pomeranian heritage.

Pelotas is known as the capital of sweet due to the industrialization of traditional sweet recipes originally brought and later improved by Genman, Portuguese, Italian, African and Frech immigrants. Pelotas holds the National Sweet Fair — Fenadoce‘ which is an anual event thought to promote the sweet culture of the city throughout Brazil and abroad. The famous Pelotense sweeties, heritage of several colonies present in the city are responsible for the sweet industry development which exports the delicacy to many cities in Brazil.

Pelotas has grown due to the jerked beef cycle. It was in the Charqueados-Ranches where lived the Baron of dry meet. The ranches are preserved to keep alive the history of a people who convtributed for the development of Rio Grande do Sul. Nowadays, these important locations stimulate tourism in the Southern region of the state and combine nature and history of our city and sur-roundings.

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