24 mayo, 2024


Many companies that hire full-time employees and do not have own kitchen require food for service companies.

Meats for businesses are a solution for employers who do not have kitchens in their facilities. With the idea of optimizing the daily performance of staff, many companies opt for this type of service. It thus offers a varied menu that includes meats, pastas, vegetables and fruits according to the season.

The interesting  about this business is that a very expensive initial investment is needed and knowhow a conventional lunch more than enough: schnitzel, potatoes or mashed, cakes and diversity of minutes. If you think of diversifying the services of a caterer, you will  start to seek new customers in offices, businesses, banks and hospitals. Other potential customers are transport companies long distance.

Some recommendations:

  • Prepare a different menu for each day of the week and try to keep it that way the customer gets used.
  • Always have a variety of light and special food for coeliacs and diabetics lunches.
  • Do not condimentes meals too. In any case, buy sealed envelopes and add it to each customers taste.
  • The success of your business is based on quality. Good hygiene, cooking and food preservation to protect the health of your customers.
  • Try your viands are healthy and balanced, that includes all food groups and well combined.

A sample menu:

Monday: Baked chicken with roasted potatoes and a pudding.

Tuesday: Potato cake with vegetables and fruit salad.

Wednesday: Tomatoes stuffed with tuna and rice and a slice of cake or gingerbread.

Thursday: Ravioli with mixed vegetables and a fruit sauce.

Friday: Beef steak with pumpkin puree and gelatin.

Vegetarian options: tart vegetables, pasta, vegetable lasagna, pumpkin souffle, corn pie, pizza.

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