21 mayo, 2024

Mendoza is a province located on the west of Argentina. It is composed of 18 departments, they have political and administrative power. Its the capital city of Mendoza.

This province has about 1 million inhabitants according to the census conducted in 2010.


In the west it predominates the montainous area that occupies most of the provincial territory.

The most important moutain range is the Andes Mountainous, this limits with Chile, in winter white is covered by the presence of ancient glaciers and winter snows and summer while melt rivers arise that carry their water to the plains.


Present continental, dry temperate climat, in winter the cold and dry winds predominate, with average temperature below 8ºC, frost at night and ocasional rain besides presenting snowfall.

Whereas in the summer, the weather is hot and wet with average temperatures above 25ºC. The Atlantic winds give rise to torrencial storms in the distance they originate in December-February.

One of the most oustanding activities of this province is adventure tourism.

Rafting is of the most practiced sports by the country´s residents and foreing tourist. Other activities that can be carried out are horseback riding, mountainbiking and rappel.

The Wood is one of the most important ski centers of the country, here tourist can find a variety of ideal places for extreme sports such as snowboarding and skiing.

Mendoza, full contact with nature without losing the fun.

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