17 julio, 2024

The customers can ask from their cellphone, in this way the can avoid the delays in the service, they only have to download the application to the cellphone, then ask for a code of access to the waiter and they can already see the menu, make the orders , see the cost of it and streamlines the process of collection .-costomers can see our local menu and order from our facebook page . The menu can be updated in real time.                                                    -You can take orders from a tablet , replacing the pencil and paper. The waiter takes orders at the table and sends the printing of the order to the kitchen.                                                -Products can be found quickly through icons . Informus of payment modes , calculate the refounds , includes, discounts.

– Is the control of sales , purchasing and control of suppliers. The system e-restaurant , is accesible via the internet , you can use any browser with a computer or even a mobile device . The system is available 24 hours a day , 365 days of the year. Through it is provided on time , orders that make our clients , optimising service with better quality. The menu updates are immediate, optimizes the work in the local and the staff does not require training , for it is easy handling . It is important to highlight the security provided by this system since data that there tipping van to a server with banking security level , safeguarding all financial data costs are visible, since the client choose your subscription and pay only for the service that uses . It really is a practical solution especially in the shops of season , for example in seaside areas where the service is provided only in the months of high season (december to march) by subscribing during the rest of the year to avoid paying unnecessarily , but the following year the service can be discharged again , loaded with all the information of the previous year . In spite of their particular characteristics , is not a system that evade tax change since through the tax drivers that currently exist can be invoiced without any type of problem , through the ports that are in the pc , respecting the format allowed . If any new user who previously had a similar service , I would like to convey the above information to the news system , you can do so without any inconvenience , the same thing happens if from this system ,you decide to change to another . In this case there is also the possibility of being able to delete all previous information , if that is the user wish and request . Is the advantage of having a database , since in most cases a problem occurs with the hardware , it loses all the information . It is a system that is not sold but that is contracted through a monthly payment. From the point  of practicallity ,it is a system that adapts to modern times and to the needs of users and in terms of the commercial part , provides time savings , greater control in the orders and advertising expansion , all for at the same cost.

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