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There are many differents forms of care and presentation of food and beverages in relation to as they get to the diner. The different types of services refer to qualities divided into advantages and disadvantages  of themselves.

Types of services:
Russian service table
Service is used less as all the utensils dishes food on carts and takes emplatado is in sight of the diner.
Their advantage is that it can be the exclusive service which defines its and   disadvantages are a higher number of staff and a manager in the presentation.

English service table
This type of service is similar to  French table service, although it differs in some characteristics: Foods are presented on a platter or tray diners. In this service is the waiter who serves diners directly from the tray to the dish itself, using tongs or other utensils such as tablespoons.

Solid foods are served from the left, diners presenting them first. Liquids, including creams and soups, are served from the right. In this area used dishes are also removed.  English service is faster than French service , as the waiter has more expertise when  he is serving food. It has the advantage of not creating any discomfort to the diner, as is the waiter who served. But it also has the disadvantage that the diner itself has to «settle» the waiter ration decides. The cost of this service is expensive in terms of volume of staff required to perform a good service, but it is appropriate to do it at banquets and events.

American service table
In this service or dishes they are brought directly from the kitchen. Its a  the kind of fairly simple service. Perhaps the feature that distinguishes this American service is immediately its speed. The food is served in the kitchen and the waiter brings to the table of diners.
The rules are quite simple service. Food is served from the left, from the right drinks and both the dishes and the glasses and cups on the right are removed.
Fewer servers are required because the service is not complicated. Often you learn in employment instead of making a career of studying first restaurant job at school and doing after learning a good restaurant, as they often do Europeans.
American service it is in cafes and in most of the restaurants. In places there are fewer diners, and the waiter can spend more time on the niceties of service, such as emptying ashtrays, clean glasses.
Due to the lower number of staff and dishes and the fastest movement, this kind of service is relatively inexpensive. Although staff requires less knowledge than in the French service, however in the American service the waiter should know perfectly the minutes and the ingredients in the dishes to serve. It is expected that the waiter know that condiments and side dishes which accompany meats and how to serve and how to serve the customer and bravely.
The advantages of the service is very fast, and requires fewer servers, so it is cheaper, besides that waiters should not receive any instruction from educational level before starting to exercise their work. And the disadvantages is that the waiter staff should know all the ingredients of all the dishes and fittings and also know of condiments, a waiter with little experience can leave in doubt the quality of the restaurant. Plus it is the most used service.

French table service
It is a table service in which all dishes at the same time a meal served at the table of diners. First shown diners ingredients and elements of the dishes, after that a waiter leaves diners choose the portions and proportions should take your plate, always doing his left. The trays come out from the kitchen are granted to the table by the waiter.
One of the main advantages is that they allow diners to choose the amounts. And its disadvantage is the difficulty of handling a product or preparation. The service starts for the invited person, starting with women and ending with the host. It differs from the English service that the diner can not choose the proportions and amounts of each food, but served in equal amounts generally.
Buffet service:
It is the service that the customer has the ability to serve himself. It is widely used in the free holders or concentrated technical preparations or bath.
Its advantage is the need for minimum amount for staff and time optimization.

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