24 abril, 2024

For any professionals risks, the technical prevention and administrative provisions arent enough, for that is necessary a third type of defense: Personal Protective equipment (PPE).

We use the PPE in emergency situations such as serious accidents, leaks, or fires. PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health of safety riskat work. It can include items such as safety footwear and safety harnesses, it also includes respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Even where engineering controls and safe system of work have beenapplied, some hazards might remain these include injuries.

 Some of the main elements of Personal Protection presented below:


• Safety helmet: When exposed to electrical hazards and shocks

• Hat or cap: When exposed to moisture or bacteria


• Safety glasses: When exposed to particle projection in trades such as carpentry or wood carving

• monogoggles security: When you have exposure to chemical splash or in the presence of gases, vapors and fumes

• Safety Mask: Use in jobs that require full face protection as the use of polishing, circular saw or when handling chemicals in large quantities

• mask or goggles for eye welding filter: To protect against sparks, particles and radiation projection welding process.


• Disposable mask: When in environments where airborne such as cotton or cement dust and other particles derived polishing particles parts

• Purifying Respirator (with filter material or cartridges): When in gases, vapors, fumes and mists in their environment. Request filter change when you feel strong odors of gases and vapors

• Self-contained Respirators: Where there is imminent danger to life due to lack of oxygen, such as tank cleaning or emergency management for chemical spills.


• Premoldeados: Decrease approximately 27 dB. Allow secure fit in the ear canal

• Moldings: Decrease approximately 33 dB. They are made on measured according to the shape of the ear

• Type Cup muffs: They reduce noise approximately 33 dB. They cover the entire ear.

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