18 abril, 2024

Tour For Muggles


We are many who would like to walk into Diagon Alley and buy us a magic wand in Ollivanders to get into the world of Harry Potter. Walk the streets of Hogsmeade with him, shop on magical pet stores or hide our muggle nature beneath a Hogwarts School toga. And its possible!

Since the project was presented, we were all anxious. And now that its on the road, Im going to give some tips to make the visit to the Harry Potter theme park when you travel to London. It is very close to the British capital, and you can easily go back and forth. Spend a morning or a full afternoon and do not forget to stop by the Kings Cross Train Station to symbolically board the Hogwarts Express as Harry Potter on Platform 9 and 3/4.

Here I am going to put some tips to make the best visit to the world of the little magician:

The visit to the studios to see how the Harry Potter films were made will take a minimum of 3 to 4 hours. As the studios are located about 30 kilometres from the center of London, the journey is not very long and will allow you to organize the day easily.

Go by train: it is perhaps the most natural option if we are in London for a day. The nearest train station is Watford Junction. There is direct train from London, from London Euston stations (the journey lasts 40 minutes) and Birmingham New Street (1 hour). There are also other non-direct train services from London Euston, but it may take longer to get to Watford Junction. The ticket from Euston costs 9 pounds (18 if you buy there and back) but you get a 50% discount if you use the OysterCard. There are trains every 10 minutes or so. And from the station to the park there is a bus that runs every 30 minutes. The journey takes 15 minutes and the ticket costs 2 pounds round trip. Some tips that will serve to buy your tickets to the park and get cheap hotel for your stay.

Although it does not have large roller coasters or large mechanical attractions such as its headquarters in the United States and elsewhere, if it contains parts and rooms from the movies. In addition, there you will find suits, masks, latex prostheses, magic wands, flying brooms (including the famous Nimbus 2000), Hagrids bike, etc.

Copies of the stages, the real size rooms, the shops and all the places where the young magician had his adventures together with his companions, is available at your fingertips in this place. In total, 14,000 square meters were invested in 115 million euros that are expected to be amortized, since they have the capacity to receive 5,000 visits a day. The trip lasts between 3 and 4 hours, according to each one, since they are not guided. It is necessary to buy the ticket online because it is granted for a certain day and time.

As for the prices, they are in the middle of many private English attractions. It costs 29 pounds, 21.50 for children from 5 to 15 years old (under 5 free, but they also need entrance). Family tickets (2 adults plus 2 children or one adult plus 3 children) depart 85 pounds. There are varied public transport, by train you can go directly every 10 minutes, from the stations of London Euston and Birmingham New Street to Watford Junction, where a bus is taken to the park. There is also a bus from London with three daily departures from the Golden Tours office.

Not being the first in its class, it is a theme park totally designed to live together the adventures full of magic of this character so peculiar. Harry Potter I accompany whole generations of children, teenagers and adults, too. Do not miss this theme park always by consulting the great deals and exclusive discounts that only Despegar.com has to offer.

Mainly your entrance that is going to be the only pass to this magical tour:

Buy your ticket online. It is the only way to get your tickets since they are not sold at the entrance of the park. Keep in mind that children under 4 years old do not pay entrance but need your ticket anyway.

Tickets have a specific day and time of access. You must present yourself at the entrance of the park 45 minutes before that time to remove the accreditations to access, and to remove them you must present the receipt that comes to you online with the OK of the purchase and the documents of each of the visitors.As for hotels, on the same page of Warner Bross will appear some hotels where packages are included, some tourism agencies include Hotel, Translates, Air tickets (RETURN) that make everything more practical for tourists.

And now, you can carry your best magic wand (the one with a Unicorn hair) and get on your Nimbus 2000 to the world of Harry Potter, walk around the Great Hall of Hogwarts and even visit the office of Director Dumbledore. In addition to finding out how the sets were made, the models, costumes and masks of the characters of the unforgettable films of the little magician


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