14 abril, 2024


Lawmakers approved today in the grounds a bill to regulate the massive turnout evening events, such as electronic parties, which had been banned in the City after the death of five youths at the party Time Warp Costa Salguero. Among the main measures, a public record of these events will be created, there will be more inspectors City and water will be distributed free to attendees.

The project was agreed with the opposition through the joint opinion signed Monday advisory committees Safety, Health and Economic Development.

Beginning, a public register of mass events (more than a thousand people) will be created, which «any natural or legal person» will have to be registered and ask permission to organize. The documentation must be accompanied by a report on the request and list of artists, fire drill plan and hiring liability insurance capacity. «The creation of a register of producers is critical to control the organizers of these events,» said Deputy Juan Pablo Arenaza, president of the Security Commission.

Another of the Articles of Opinion states that parties shall ensure free access to hydration with vending machines and water fountains distributed in different parts of the complex (Beyond health) access. This point corresponds to one of the failings that were detected in the time capsule, where they are the Young suffered water shortages.

In addition to Strengthen Prevention Measures, be binding UN Medical Assistance Service, rescue team and firefighters, the UN Operational Security and Access Control Technology Buenos Aires inspectors may check in real time.

Article 14 of the draft proposed that where the capacity of more than 5,000 attendees, the City Government should implement the UN plan State presence to maintain security conditions. Jobs also provide information and risk awareness of psychoactive substances at the entrances and surroundings.

«The events that exceed 5,000 characters must have the health plan A doctor must be approved by the SAME. There must be a state presence. He can not have a party of 15,000 people and that no water is distributed free» stressed the Socialist Party lawmaker, Roy Cortina, who had led three of the records were agreed”.


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