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The fusion cuisine is a concept used to define the seasoning mix ingredients or representative of various areas of the same country, different countries or cultures with each other, as well as various ways of preparing and presenting food.

This practice is far from being a recent phenomenon, for example, it is commonly thought that the Italians are the creators of the pasta, but in reality the Chinese already included in your diet long before.

Culinary fusions to other regions, for example, the arrival of the Chinese and Japanese to Peruvian and Ecuadorian territory, in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, led to the currently known gastronomy «chifa» also arise from ethnic migration, which combines recipes from the East with the resources available in these Latin countries. A Peruvian dish in which the strong Japanese influence is evident is the tiradito, preparation consisting of a raw fish cut into very thin pieces, bathed in a spicy, hot and sour sauce.

Another factor contributing to these mergers are the border areas. This is the case of the so-called Tex Mex, which is observed on the border of US and Mexico. Preparations as fajitas, tacos and burritos originated in that area, like a mix between Mexican flavors and ingredients with the convenience or fast food philosophy Americans, more specifically, the state of Texas. In the seventies some American chefs began using the term «fusion» to refer to these mixing techniques.

Chefs use fusion recipes have a clear objective: to please the palate of the diner and surprise. The important thing is to bring together flavors that will not harm each other, but complementary, that are consistent and rich. An example: add fruits like pineapple pork or poultry achieves a rich combination. It is not only the ingredients together; but also the presentation of the dish, the amount of each ingredient, same height, volume and color contrast between its parts, have the mission to seduce initially visually. Examples of fusion of different cuisines in an entity with its own personality



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