20 abril, 2024

Córdoba is located in the center of the Argentine. There are an area of 168,864 km² and a population of 3,217,000 habitants.

In the vast territory of the province, there are plains, hills and valleys which give it a unique landscape identy. The hills region is plenty of rivers, springs, lagoons and artificial water reservoirs which, together with the hills themselves, make up the traditional tourist attractions in Córdoba.

The mild continental weather, with cool winters and warm summers, turn Córdoba into a tourist destination all year long.

Now, there are local traditions and life styles which can be livedin the different cities through popular and prestigious celebrations and festivals such as Cosquín National Folk Music Festival, Jesús María Dressage and Folk Music Festival, Villa General Belgrano Beer Festival and The Theater Festival in Córdoba City. The ample and growing infrastructure for services as well as a great availability and diversity of hotel accommodation, entertainment, shows and supplementary services, complete Córdobas tourist offer so that visitors can fully enjoy their stay.

I recomend to visit Córdoba because it has diversal options. Cultural, historical, traditional, modern places with a lot of adrenaline. For these diversity, Córdoba is a privileged place in the world. It has everything that tourists are looking for.


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