20 abril, 2024


The cruise ships call our attention, they are huge size, luxuries and diverse entertainments, security is great and have all that we want in the middle of the sea surprise our logic, it’s for this and much more that is gripping for us the experience of board a boat, but… Which are the 5 most fascinating and biggest cruise ships of the world?


M/V Oasis of the Seas: It belongs to Royal Caribbean International, which is actually considering one of the luxurious and biggest. It has 5.235 cabins distributed in 69 categories. Also has three different districts that look like places with rename for example Central Park.


RMS Queen Mary II: From the Cunard Line british company, part of one of the luxurious cruise ships, with about 2.620 passengers and has a big variety of beautiful internals, but it is the most striking the planetary and pet daycare.


Freedom of the Seas: Also part of Royal Caribbean, one of the most entertaining cruises worldwide, it has casinos, skating rink, box ring and the first artificial wave above a ship. It has a capacity of 3.600 passengers.


Silver sea’s Silver Cloud: It is smallest than the others, but still being luxury. It sails the world seas between the amazing landscapes. Also includes a private butler for your entire stay. It brings an experience on gastronomy without forgetting the experience of Connoisseur´s Corner, place of alcohol tasting and cigarettes.


Crystal Serenity: From Crystal business, it is consider one of the most luxurious of the world, with a capacity of one thousand people. The spaces become more personal and intimate beside the entertainment inside of the ship. The penthouse costs around US$ 15.000.


Those are the most beautiful cruise ships of the entire world. I would always travel if I could with them.

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