19 abril, 2024

The arrival of British to Spanish hotels up 15% despite the “brexit”.( S.A)2

 Hotel establishments improve occupancy in July 2016 and raise their prices by 6, 3%.


Nor vote in favor of leaving auk (called brexit) and consequent weakness of sterling pass bill to Spanish hotels. At least during the month of July. The hotels record 15% more British (1, 28 million customers in total), who performed together 9, 6% more overnight stays (up to 7,6million hotel nights) in July 2015, according to figures published today by the national statistics institute (INE). Up remains by far the main source market of tourists to Spain. This country accounts for 27, 4% of room contracted.
Statistics published today reflects only the evolution of tourists choosing hotels for your holidays in Spain. To meet the growth of all visitors (also those who stay at home to their families) have to wait until next week when the INE public the full report on the development of tourism in Spain until July 2016.
Among the big fans countries to spend the summer in hotels in Spain, rising auk is the most spectacular, especially when you consider that the depreciation of the pound makes your visit to Spain more expensive out. But it is not the only improvement; overnight stays in hotels Germans grow 4, 1% those of France 8, 8%; from Netherlands 3, 8%; and Italy 3, 2%. Together, July was positive for the sector stays of tourists in hotels rise from year July 1, 4%. And billing per occupied room up 6, 3% to 93, 2 euros.
Despite the growth of alternative housing systems (from holiday apartments to intermediate housing), hotels are taking advantage undoubtedly the tourist record in which Spain lives permanently. Taking into account the first seven months of 2016, overnight stays of tourists increase their hotel reservations are foreigners: in July alone up 7, 35%, compared to 5, 72% growing stays of Spanish tourists.
Is one of biggest fans options countries to spend the summer in Spain hotels in the uk is rising is spectacular. It was many improvements for tourist stays, overnight stays in hotels until July 2016 was much increased turnover of tourists. Are advised that the hotel must keep tourists feel comfortable at home have an image, the quality offered, with good personal attention fully trained and kindness during the stay of tourists.

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