20 junio, 2024

If you are a person who really enjoy finding the right accommodation this article is for you. There are too many places to stay when you are on holidays and you must know them before choosing one option and now we are going to talk about the different places to stay when you travel. Let’s see them.


The most traditional choice is to find a hotel that offers the services you want at a price you can afford. At a hotel you have your own room and bathroom. Someone will have your bags carried into your room and when you go out from your room and you back you will find your bed made up. Maybe inside your room you have wireless internet, telephone, TV, refrigeration, etc. But it depends on the level of the hotel.

Boutique Hotel:

A boutique hotel is smaller than a hotel. It has less than 100 rooms and it is usually ubicated in an urban location. The service provided is more personal than a hotel because it’s small and the type of persons that boutique hotels attract is young.

This kind of hotel is not suitable for business travelers; it doesn’t have big restaurants or meeting places with conferences services.


A hostel is an option cheaper than a hotel. If you stay in a hostel you will meet young and adventurous people from all over the world because you have to share the bathroom, toilets, kitchen, tables and maybe your room with people that you don’t know. You don’t have a proper place to prepare or store food. Hostels are so common that you can find them all over place and are not as formal as hotels.


Hostals are small and really basic; you can find them mostly in Spain. The difference between hostels and hostals is that hostals provide private bathrooms.

In a hostal you don’t have a restaurant where you can eat like in a hotel, maybe a vending machine and nothing else and rooms won’t be very well decored.



Bed and Breakfast:

If you stay in a B&B your experience will be unique. You will feel homelike and your hosts will be able to steer you. Most are nice and friendly with good food.

 A B&B is like a guest house, you stay with a small family. They give you just a bed and breakfast and nothing else. But some snacks are not included. It is probably they go to bed at 10 pm locking all the doors.


A motel is cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel. You can park right outside your unit and bring your pets. One and a really important disadvantage is that your room has an easy access and someone has the possibility to enter into your room. So we can say that it is not too safe.

Another thing, lighting around the motel could be poor and being on the ground floor exposes you to bugs, such as mosquitoes.


A tent is easy to pack and allows you to relax in different moments and enjoying the nature because you can pitch it up at a mountain or in a forest and the most important thing is that you don’t have to spend money in a hotel o something like that!

You can’t bring too many items, just necessary things like water, clothes, food, etc. you have to be prepare if it rains because it must be really uncomfortable. At the moment to choose the place to pitch up your tent you have to consider bathrooms, public electricity, water and the place must be safe. You can’t cook and you have to lug along everything with you everywhere you go.

I really hope you enjoy reading this article and it helps you to choose at the moment you need. It is clear that you have more options and there is one place for every person, go and find yours!

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