13 abril, 2024


The International Journalism conform the peculiarity journalistic in diversity and difficulty of the scares that presents. The use of the novel transforms and informs a worldwide reach. The importance of transmitting what happens is vital in the coverage,although nothing simple. The material collected is fundamental, with the inclusion of great moments.

Coverage works demands a lot of time, the war,the children’s stories of children in the midst of bombs,hunger in África, pollution in the seas,immigration, natural disasters,political decisions and elections,are some of the daily issues to be covered in the international system.

International Journalism covers different areas when it comes to covering an event in an unknown culture.The schedules,the language,relate to the individual and relate a real fact are difficult aspects to cope with but generate a satisfactory outcome.

As a result of so many world events,in the relation to the economic,the destruction and a contamination of the environment, terrorism,drug trafficking and other issues, international journalism takes high prominence in the propagation of the information and the plan is the massive reflection of the means with transcendence.The independent journalism must contribute to the impartiality of the facts. International relations play in representation of the interest for the media. This is reflected in the objectivity of the communicators. The true coverage is presented at the scene. To achieve a professional deployment,with detailed and accurate facts,the reporter must establish himself in the place of the event.In the present,international journalism collects information from unreliable sources of the internet.

The events that took place in the foreigner entered the media late because,since they did not show general interest,they did not find transcendence. World politics and style handle a constant struggle for a first place. The news in English imposes conditions in relation to the writing and the concepts of the texts.

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