13 julio, 2024
wording: example industrial plant

Safety and Hygiene

Health and safety refers to the application of a set of measures on safety and prevention of occupational hazards for workers. … Security is related to all those measures and policies that manage the protection and welfare of people avoiding risks.

An example company in maintaining the security standard is Unilever. In the industrial plant it is necessary to comply with the internal procedure. Permits are made in cold, hot, high, electrical, excavation, confined space, and many others, signed by the person responsible for the work, Area and safety technician. All supervised and each working group has a technician in Safety and Hygiene to evaluate the measures and personal protection elements necessary for this task. You must have the ARO (Risk Analysis), safety sheets of all gaseous, liquid, chemical and flammable materials that are used and the tools duly approved.
In this way risks are minimized and accidents are avoided. The works are carried out with security, supervised to achieve compliance with the rules and internal policies of the company.


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