22 junio, 2024

Risk in Machine Equipment and Facilities

The function of the colors and safety signals, is to attract attention to places, objects or situations that may cause accidents or cause health rips the standardization of safety signals and colors serves to avoid as far as safety signaling this is necessary due to international trade as well as the parathion of working groups that do not have a common language or that they move from one establishment to another.

In our country Iram 10005 are used with the main purpose to establish the safety colors and color shapes of the safety signals to be used to identify places or objects that may cause accidents or cause health risk development:
General Definitions

Color of security: for the purposes of security color of specific characteristics to which a defined color is assigned

Security symbol: Graphic presentation used in security signals

Safety sign: Those are that by combining a geometric shape of a color and a symbol, The security signal may include a text intended to clarify its meaning and reach

Supplementary signal: Those are that which has only a text intended to complete, if necessary, the information  is provided by a signaling signal.

Application of colors

The application of the colors of security is done directly on the objects, the elements of the machine, equipment or devices, the applicable colors are:

The red color denotes stop or prohibition in addition to the elements against fire.It is used to indicate emergency stop devices or devices related to safety for example:

° Alarm buttons
° Buttons, push button or emergency stop levers
° Buttons or lever that act on fire safety system

It is also used to indicate the location of fire fighting equipment such as:

– Fire extinguisher
– Buckets or containers for sand or fire extinguishing powder
– Niches, hydrants or sleeves supports
– Box of blankets

The color green denotes a secure condition. It is used in general security elements, except fire for example:

# Access doors to first aid rooms# Door or emergency exits# First aid kits# Cabinets with security elements# Cabinets with elements of personal protection# Stretchers# Safety showers# eyewash

The color blue denotes obligation. It is applied on those parts of artifacts whose removal or operation implies the objection to proceed with caution for example:

– Electrical board covers
– Tapes of gearboxes
– Command boxes for rigging and machines
– Use of personal protection equipment

The color yellow  is used alone or combined with bands of black color, of equal width, inclined 45º degree, with respect to the horizontal to indicate caution or warn about risks in:

* Parts of machines that can hit, cut, electrocute or damage.
* Interior or edges of doors or lids that should normally remain closed, for example:
key box covers, fuses or electrical connections, contact of the closed door frame (door of the stairwell and the fire elevators antechamber).
* Levels that may cause falls, for example: first and last flight of stairs, edges of platforms.
* Barriers or fences, railings, pillars, poles, protruding parts of installations or artifact that are prolonged within the areas of normal passages and that may be hit or hit.
* Protruding parts of construction equipment or movement of materials bumpers, pens, bulldozers, tractors, cranes, self-elevating foxes.

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I think it is  correct to indicate places for workers and respect the signs, as it is useful for the health of all, and to avoid any accident and occupational disease.
Alumno: Federico Nicolas Echenique
Profesora: Sandra Abolio

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