19 junio, 2024

In Marketing we say Positioning to the image that the brand, the company, service or product occupies in the mind of the consumer.

Getting a good market position is the purpose of the companies bacause once the product or brand is in the head of the consumer, its acceptance in the market is total.

We can mention that “Positioning” is synonymous with “Adaptation” because companies that interpret the market in which they operate they can occupy a privileged place.

There are no strategies that quickly guarantee the positioning of brand. Nowaday there are many, so we must analize its advantages and characteristics.

The same product can be positioned in different ways in the market, but it is not advisable to use all the strategies together, and some will be better than others.

In the process of positioning strategy, we went to bring the Brand, service or product of the current image to the desired image.

To achieve a good strategy, we must take into account:

– The improvement of the brand, increase in added value and the search for competitive advantages.

– The position you want to reach must be profitable.

– The differentiation is an essential factor because being in the same position that most does not bring any advantage.

– Outstanding benefits for the consumer must be provided.

What are the types of positioning strategies?

Based on the consumer: The consumer through his experience puts the brand or product in the minds of other consumers.

According to lifestyle: This tactic takes into account the lifestyle of the consumer you want to reach.

Based on benefits: This strategy wants to position a product highlighting the benefits obtained by its use.

Depending on its characteristics: Based on the technical characteristics of the product. for example the technological companies.

Based on its use: It is the use of the product itself, which is related to a specific place, environment and time.

Based on quality or price: With this strategy is transmitted, for example, from a competitive price to a high price that is linked to exclusivity or luxury.

In comparison with the competition: The product is compared with another of the competition, to highlight the superiority of the product over the rest.

What are the positioning errors?

Overlap: This error causes the client to think that the brand is out of reach or not addressed to them.

Subposition: When the company makes a minimum diffusion of its brand, assigning insufficient means.

Confusing positioning: Occurs when the company makes several changes in a short time, which creates confusion in the minds of consumers.

Doubtful positioning: Appears when the consumer does not believe in the words of the company, for example, when a price seems very low or the advantages are not credible.

For the client to have confidence again, promotional campaigns must be made and, in this way, the brand must be repositioned.

We must consider the importance of measurement, because we must know if we are contributing to the positioning of the brand, product or service. Therefore, the results obtained and the image of the brand must be measured and analyzed, so that we know what we are failing and what the achievements are. This allows us to make the corresponding decisions.

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