17 julio, 2024

Some time ago the tasks carried out today by professionals in Safety and Hygiene were in charge of different actors within the workplace such as general supervisors or Human Resources personnel. However,nowadays, as the demands and the technology accompanying to face them were increased, the labor demand of personnel trained for the specific task of the Management about the Security and Hygiene increased and at the moment it is in growing. That how personnel are requested for the drafting of regulations, for the implementation of industrial Safety and Hygiene plans and for supervision both in National and International private companies, as well as in government agencies or state dependencies. In many cases the presence of quality professionals are requested for advice or control at certain times of the year in order to maintein the standards that are pursued in each area.

What functions a Safety and Hygiene Professional fulfill?

The task of Professional in Safety and Hygiene, is to practice the preventive and control actions that are necessary so that none of the employees of a certain organization will experience any problem.

In prevention’s area??, we work with the issues that have to do with occupational diseases and the improvements that can be made both in the environment and in the tools or work tools so that any cause of risk is minimized. As a professional in Safety and Hygiene, functions that we have to do with control are practiced, so that everything is completed effectively within an industry / organization.

As a student of the Safety and Hygiene Career, the profile I want to develop is as follows.

The order, the prolixity and compliance with standards is something that is part of my interests, as well as causing well-being in different work environments. In addition I can find within my tastes these characteristics:

  • Concern for social welfare.
  • Interested in  preserve health.
  • Respect for regulations.
  • Observation capacity / improvements.
  • Good interpersonal deals.
  • Ethical performance.
  • Analysis and interpretation capacity.
  • Power to provide training.
  • Clarity in the expression.
  • Evaluation capacity.
  • Attention for the integrity of the Human Being.

Personal Conclusion:

I want to study the Safety and Hygiene Career because I like the idea to offer better quality worker´s  life and an environment of greate integrity.

When I chose the career of Safety and Hygiene, I thought about it within the wishes I had regarding making myself a professional formation and having a projection to the future. Look in some way for a career that could approach my interests, for example: I was interested in everything that had to do with observation and care for welfare, as well as you were interested in the legal field and the way in which Laws are taught, for the care of workers, essential pillars of any economy. As they pass the more comfortable materials I find myself and more I understand the degree of responsibility that this profession demands.



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