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Among the aspects to take into account when exporting or importing goods, is transportation, which is extremely important. From this you can determine the price or the sale of the products, the time it takes to reach the destination or, in some cases, it can mean the failure or success of a company with its  import or export operations.

Normally the companies that need to transport their merchandise to different regions or countries, use the cheaper means of transport , for example, the transport through railroads, trucks, ships or airplanes. However, sometimes it is not the best.

The  user  must be informed of the appropriate transport according to the product. Otherwise the invoice can be more expensive, because the product or the packaging can be damaged, or simply not arrive on time.

When the merchandise is exported to foreign countries, it is transported under international treaties, such as those that exist in Costa Rica with the United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Panama, China, among others. This facilitates the customs inspection of the border ports before the product reaches its final destination.

In order to be able to compete successfully, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the means of transport to be used, considering its cost, the risk,  and the nature of the merchandise. For example, the rates of cargo transport between the points may vary depending on the type of cargo, the volume and the transport company.

But besides the cost, in relation to the best means of transport, other factors must be considered, such as:

means of transport available in each country or region


Regarding the merchandise, it is important to take into account:

The nature and type of product.
The packaging or packing.
The weight, the dimensions and the total volume

Capacity: It is the most used transport worldwide for international trade, mainly because it is the means of transport that can carry more cargo capacity.
Speed and Cost: Maritime transport is not among the most effective when it comes to speed due to its large volume, the large quantities and distances it travels and the speed it sails, but compared to other means of transport for long distances, the maritime is the cheapest one, depending on the capacity it has and the variety of destinations it can reach.
Security: Regarding security, maritime transport is characterized by high security.

Speed: It is frequently used to transport high value merchandise or when fast delivery is needed.
Cost: Although it is  fast, it is also the most expensive.
Security: It offers the advantage that the merchandise has a lower risk of damage, it is considered to be the means of transport with less sinisterness.
Restrictions: In spite of how good it is, you also have to take into account that it is the one with the least load capacity and there are important restrictions regarding the weight and volume of the merchandise.

Speed: Land transport is quite efficient for short and medium distances, having a considerable impact on urgent services in environments of up to 2,500 km.
Accessibility: Road transport is one of the most used although it is not the one that can carry more cargo, however it has the great advantage that it has the most capacity to go to places where none of the other means of transport can go.
Security: In terms of security, land transport has an average level of security and is the means of transport with the highest accident rate.

Speed: It is effective by its ability to combine different means of transport to make a shipment, however it is very important to know the weight and volume of the goods as well as the carrying capacity of the different means of transport to use, since It is very difficult to combine the same merchandise in different means of transport.
Security: In terms of security, multimodal transport has medium security, since it depends on the means of transport used.

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