17 julio, 2024

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Regimen aduanero 2°año

Sede: Vicente López


 The products imported by Argentina come mostly from Mercosur. Argentina is a member of Mercosur and its largest imports are from Brazil, except for products from the sugar and automotive industry. Everything else does not pay customs taxes, but they are free circulation. Approximately 27% of Argentine imports come from Mercosur.

The largest imports from Argentina are based on machinery, products and electronic devices, mechanical devices, automobiles and auto parts.

The second country from which Argentina imports is China, where almost 19% of Argentina’s total imports come from.

Products that Argentina imports

  • Railway material: represents 1.6% of the total
  • Cellular telephones: they represent 3.7% of total imports. Many are assembled in Argentina, but with Chinese components
  • Automotive sector: 18% of Argentina’s total imports belong to this category, which includes automobiles, buses, trucks and auto parts
  • Oil Refining: represents 3.7% of the total.
  • Plastics and rubbers: occupy 3.5%
  • Petroleum gas: 3.2% of imports
  • Industrial machinery and spare parts: 1.8%
  • Agriculture and construction machinery: 1%
  • Generating sets: 0.43%
  • Power tools: 0.19%
  • Chemical Products and medicines: 12%
  • Computers: 1.4%
  • Accessories for data transmission: 1.2%
  • Air pumps, centrifuges and valves: 1.9%
  • Tractors: 0.83%
  • Airplanes and helicopters: 2%
  • Food products: 2%
  • Crude oil: 0.45%
  • Electronics (except cell phones): 2.8%
  • Measuring instruments: 1.5%

Main countries from which the merchandise that Argentina imports comes from:

  • Brazil with 22% of total imports
  • China with 20%
  • United States with 13%
  • Germany with 5%
  • Mexico with 3%

With respect to the main commercial partner of Argentina, it can be affirmed that it is Brazil, 31% of imports from that country correspond to automobiles. The item of auto parts and spare parts is equivalent to 11%.

Currently, China is the second most important trading partner. It is the source for importing more attractive technology. Not only large companies import electronics from that country, but small and medium companies also do so. This is the result of low prices and the good quality of Chinese products.

The importing companies that make associative purchases are one of the most chosen solutions by these SMEs. It prevents them from getting involved in the intricate labyrinth of imports, with their necessary paperwork and documentation. In this way they manage to obtain the products that Argentina imports without suffering complications.

Last year, the trade deficit with Brazil and China has been record. The indices of imports and exports indicate that the products imported by Argentina were much more than what was exported. In order to balance this trade balance, Argentina has many products to offer in China, such as:

  • Vegetables
  • Processed foods
  • Minerals
  • Oils and animal based products


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