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The Customs Dispatcher is the auxiliary agent of the trade and the customs service that will be in charge of the organization, coordination, execution and control of all the activities and tasks that directly or indirectly link the private exporting and importing sector with official and private organisms and institutions. related to the operations of Foreign Trade and customs.

The customs broker is the professional trained in the customs activity that has the ability to advise on specific issues and technical issues related to the operation of import and export of goods and services, and may perform customs procedures, proceedings and operations before the Service Customs on behalf of third parties.

What is the import?
It is called import to the commercial action that implies and leads to the introduction of foreign products in a particular country Import is a term that comes from the verb import (introduce products or foreign customs in a country)

What is export?
It is called export is any good or service sent outside the national territory. The export is the legitimate traffic of goods and / or services from a customs territory to another customs territory. Exports can be any product shipped outside the customs border of a State or economic bloc


Some basic ideas about international trade terms (INCOTERMS):

They are norms for the interpretation of the commercial terms used in the international transactions, prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce.

What do the INCOTERMS regulate?

The INCOTERMS regulate the distribution of documents, the conditions of delivery of the goods, the distribution of operation costs and risk distribution of the operation.

What is outside of its regulation?

The internal clauses of a purchase and sale contract, the status of the merchandise, the transfer of property, the guarantee, the concreteness of payment and the breach of commitments of the contract of purchase, among others.

INCOTERMS: Groups or Basic Categories

1.- EXW (Ex Works – In the factory)

It means that the seller makes the delivery of the goods when he puts it at the disposal of the buyer in your establishment or in another agreed place (factory, workshop, warehouse, etc.)

This term should not be used when the buyer can not complete the formalities (dispatch) export directly or indirectly. In these circumstances, the term that should be used is FCA.

Description of Expenses

– The Buyer should be responsible for:

  • Choosing the means of transport in the sellers factory or warehouse.
  • Assuming all costs and risks of receiving the merchandise at the sellers premises.
  • Assuming the freight expenses and transfer of the merchandise. (Internal and international)
  • Hiring insurance (internal and international transit).
  • Assuming at your risk the customs expenses at the point of embarkation (agent, permits and taxes).
  • The unloading, loading and stowing maneuvers at the boarding point.
  • Expenses incurred from the arrival of the merchandise to the port of destination to the place agreed (factory, workshop or buyers warehouse).

2.- FCA (Free Carrier At – Free Carrier in …) Means that the seller delivers the goods to the carrier named by the buyer, in the place agreed in the purchase agreement.

– INCO 2000: If the seller delivers the goods to the carrier in their warehouses, the latter must ship the goods to the means of transport; if it is done in any other place, the seller does not has this obligation.

Description of Expenses

– The Seller must be responsible for:

  • Assuming the freight expenses and transfer of the merchandise (internal).
  • The contracting of insurance of the merchandise (internal transit).
  • Assuming customs expenses (agent, permits and taxes) at the point of embarkation.

– The Buyer should be responsible for:

  • The choice of means of transport in the factory or warehouse of the seller.
  • The unloading, loading and stowing maneuvers at the boarding point.


In my personal case I chose the career of senior technician in customs, because I am interested in everything related to foreign trade.

Also for the subjects that make up the program, I am interested in the task performed by the customs broker acting as an agent between the importer or the exporter performing paperwork or proceedings through the customs service.

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