12 junio, 2024

Insignia Ingles II

Cristian Trionfetti

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What is Logisitcs about?
I am studying Logistics in the Argentine educational institute, at Vicente López.
Logistics is about the transport and distribution of products, from one place to another, in a city, in a country or around the world.
The merchandise is produced by a supplier and sent to another place by trucks.
I am working in Logistics, Supply Chain, in the Carrefour Argentina supermarket chain. We are sending products to all stores in the country. In my company, there are 600 stores from Ushuaia to Jujuy, in 21 provinces of the country.

They sell products to eat as flour, cookies, candies, noodles. To drink: water, soda, wine. And cleaning products: papers, bleach and other.
The main thing that teaches us in the matter is how to send a product from one place to another with the lowest possible cost, and the fastest time. That is called efficiency. This way you do not spend a lot of money and the company earns higher profits.
We had subjects such as Physics, Administration, Economics, Marketing, Distribution. I learned different stages that we have to go through when we finish my studies.

I like what I do, because I work in Logisitcs. In the institute I made many friends who work in the same area.

My Job

In my job, my responsibility is to buy products from different suppliers. We work with very good companies and brands, for example: Colgate, Pantene, Pampers, Huggies, Sedal, Jhonson & Jhonson, and many more.
What I do is put together an order, buy it and send it to the distribution center. Then, there are people who load it in trucks and are sent to Carrefour stores.

I have been working for six years and I feel very good in the company. I do what I like and I want to continue doing it.

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