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Today, large companies globally define their strategy and management situating their operations based on costs, available knowledge and country conditions, integrating their operations horizontally to avoid duplication. This new paradigm demands flexible professionals who are willing to renew their knowledge and skills towards those areas that are expanding in the country where they work. Does the Bachelors Degree in Business Administration meet the requirements necessary for the graduate to enter this new labor scenario? This was the question asked by the Directorate of the Business Degree of UADE at the time of preparing a study on 250 job searches published between May and October 2007 in newspapers and Web sites.

From the analysis of the obtained data it is deduced that the Bachelor in Business Administration is demanded to perform tasks in almost all areas of the organization, standing out the administration, accounting and finance (in 48% of cases), marketing and marketing (16), Human Resources (13), and supply, production and logistics (12 percent). In relation to the tasks required of the Bachelor of Business Administration, we find as a common denominator those cited below: organization, planning and coordination of administrative and accounting processes; armed with forecasts and investment projects; evaluation of the companys global business, risk analysis; administration of accounting software, cash and bank management, analysis of current account of suppliers and customers, liquidation of salaries and taxes; preparation of results management reports for decision making in the different business units; development and execution of the marketing plan; human resources management; supply tracking, purchases, contact with suppliers / customers and freight coordination. This is consistent with the fact that graduates in Business Administration are generally requested together with other professionals, among them public accountants (80%), Marketing graduates (29), Human Resources graduates (27), graduates / engineers in  Systems (14), graduates in Finance (8), graduates in Economics (4) and industrial engineers (3  hundred).

Even in the case of a limited study it could be concluded from these results that the degree in Business Administration is one of the careers with greater and better labor projection, with a wide range of possible professional alternatives in all sectors of economic and industrial activity. Indeed, it is noted that the profile of the graduate of the career is that of a professional trained to perform tasks in the different sectors of a company thanks to its global vision of the business.


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