28 mayo, 2024

The importance of English in Foreign Trade

English is currently the most important language worldwide. It is present in almost the entire world and is considered the main element of communication between different cultures. In the area of Trade, most of the international negotiations are conducted in English, it is very important to have a fluent, understandable and technical English so that the negotiation or contract is successful, the ability to communicate effectively in English can mark the difference between winning business opportunities or losing them. Knowing how to interpret business letters is essential to establish communications with exporters and importers, also the language is useful for business meetings, for formal letters to a client. It must also be quite technical, there are a series of terms in English specifically for this type of business, the so-called «Incoterms», in English: «International Commercial Terms». That is why it is essential to have a good knowledge of English, it is one of the most useful and necessary tools when establishing international business.


Ejemplos de términos comerciales: Examples of commercial terms:

  • ADVISE OF DISPATCH : Aviso de expedición o despacho.
    ADVISE OF SHIPMENT: Aviso de embarque.
  • CARGO TERMINAL: Terminal de carga.
  • CARRIAGE: Transporte.
  • CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: Certificado de origen.
  • CONTAINER: Contenedor.
  • CUSTOMS: Aduana.
    CUSTOMS DEALER / CLEARER: Despachante de Aduana.
    CUSTOMS DUTIES: Derechos de Aduana.
    CUSTOMS ENTRY FORM: Formulario de Declaración de Aduana.
    CUSTOMS UNIT: Unión Aduanera.
    CUSTOMS WARRANT: Certificado de Aduana

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