3 marzo, 2024


The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing areas in our country, as well as an important source of income, not only in Argentina, but in several economies around the world. This industry is very diverse, since it includes workers and clients with different languages, ethnicities and cultures, which makes the English language is essential for effective communication, and which will result in a better quality and efficiency experience for employees. tourists who visit us.
Tourism is also known as an important source of job creation, an activity that revalues culture, folklore, gastronomy, nature, etc.
English for the future tourism is a basic tool in any of the fields where your career is developed, from tourist information to the management and promotion of destinations or tourist activities, through the intermediation, accommodation and transport company.
In terms of tourism business in todays world, of glprofessionalobalization and with practically borderless economies, effective communication is essential for the good performance of any company. Within this globalization, the English language has become the standard language for business communications.
A study on job offers for the tourism sector, carried out to analyze the needs of the labor market, resulted in 79% of advertisements requesting knowledge of the English language as an essential requirement. The preferences of companies vary: some request, competence of written English, other oral and, in many cases, require language proficiency in both directions. This sounds logical if we consider that English has become the global language of communication par excellence.
Finally and to conclude, it is necessary that all people involved in the tourism sector have good instruction, use of the English language and management of communication skills necessary to meet all the requirements of the sector, as this will generate services of excellence, faster and will increase long-term benefits.