14 julio, 2024

With the passing of time, public relations have taken a very important place in a company, because through this tool we manage to communicate something in a more personalized way.

Through alliances either internally or externally, it is much easier to reach the desired objective of any company.

With the support of social networks, it has been easier to show the products or offers of a company, because through them, we can know what consumers think, they can give us suggestions, opportunities to work, or, highlight something good.

It also allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, to know what people think of them and to be able to face them.

With the great competition that today there is for any company, for example, a gastronomic one, without a doubt what the part of public relation can achieve is fundamental, since it is very easy to copy a product or an advertisement, but it is not so easy Equalize the way of relating to a PR, since it will use strategies, creativity, leadership and a lot of personality to make your company the best.

The contribution of the advancement of technology is also a very important tool for any company.


A famous brand of fast food incorporated in some of its premises within the country «The experience of the future», it is to offer a different way of service, simple, fast and fun.

Within it you can find «Virtual kiosks», where each customer can make their own order, combining it as they prefer and choosing the payment method that suits them.

They also have FREE WIFI and «Stations of charges», here customers can browse and at the same time charge their devices if they wish, there is a study that says that 96% of customers return to a place where there is free Internet connection, and in terms of having the ability to charge their cell phones, it generates a customer to be casual and be a loyal customer.


There is another sector called «Disconnect», it consists of wooden boxes containing colored pencils, leaves, puzzles, games of letters.

The purpose of this is to invite parents to leave their cell phones for a moment and play with their children.


Also, part of the experience they want to offer is to make their employees «Generate good times being themselves», how do they achieve it? Being spontaneous, natural, transparent and authentic.
In conclusion, achieving a good relationship with the external part of a company, be it the competitors or the generators of customers and also adding to this the correct adaptation of the technology, without a doubt great results will be achieved.

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