23 mayo, 2024

Personal Protective Equipment

Alumno: Romero Fernando
Dni: 38.915.891
Materia: Ingles

The equipment and personal protection elements must be provided to the workers and used by them, while all the technical instances for the elimination of the risks are exhausted.

Personal protection equipment, risks to be covered and their main requirements:


Must be made of flexible fabric, which allows easy cleaning and disinfection and appropriate to the conditions of the workplace
do not use elements that can cause an accident risk such as: ties, scarves, bracelets, and others

#Cranial protection: helmets, caps, etc

Must be manufactured with risk resistant material to protect the worker from radiation and electric shock

#Eye protection: goggles, eyeglasses, face mask, etc

Must have light, comfortable and resistance armor
they should be easy to clean and have good view, be made of adequate size
They should always be kept clean and kept protected against damage and be resistant to risk

#Hearing protection: inserts, headphones, etc

Sound levels above 90db

They must be kept clean
The worker have a specific place to store them when they are not used

#Protection of the feet: shoes, boots, etc

If the risk is due to chemical or liquid products, the footwear must be made with suitable elements, especially the sole

#Protection of hands: gloves, mittens, fingers, etc

Have the right material for the risk to wich it is going to be exposed
Musk gloves of the appropriate size
Gloves must allow adequate mobility

#Respiratory proteection: Chinstraps, semi-masks, masks, autonomous equipment

Must be of the type appropriate of the risk
Must adjust completeley to avoid leaks
Check the masks sstatus frequently and at least once a month clean and disinfect after use, filters should be changed when ever use hinders breath

#Protection from falls from heights (harness, sfaety belt, etc)

Fall from height
Safety belts should always be cheeked before use
Metal cables can not be used for the lifelines
The system and its resistance and the length of the strings must be checked carefully, according to the tasks to be performed


The protection elements must have certain characteristies:
•Allow free movement of the user
•Ensure protection against chemical contaminants
•They should be comfortable and safe
•They should be easy to care for and maintain

Adequate training is essential for the use of protective clothing to provide the expected service, for which it must be considered
•Wearing only the necessary clothes
•Magnitude and nature of the risk
•Measures to keep clothes in good condition


The conservation of work clothes is essential to guarantee the safety of the users it is very important t osee the state of the element, which is not to be broken or dirty
Replacement and change of epp. If any defected or deterioration of the epp caused by normal use is observer, the worker must inform the supervisor, so that it can be replaced. In the event that the epp suffers any type of impact or crushing aggression
The worker must notify the immediate supervisor so that they can be used again, even if no deterioration is observed.

Bibliografia: http://www.cas-seguridad.org.ar/todos-los-socios/elementos-de-proteccion-personal/

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