20 junio, 2024

Public Relations have among their functions to create and maintain a good image of the company. To achieve this they do events, seminars, congresses, conferences, projects of social assistance, generating in the company participation in events or activities made by other companies, organizations or institutions.
The public relations create effective channels of communication, with the dispatch of information related to the activities of the company, in addition to the events and organization. Also collects the information within and outside the company, as well as generate good relationships inside and outside. Examples of these events or activities, there may be cultural events, sports activities, seminars, congresses, conferences, social work, works of charity, etc. depending on the type of business or what you want to achieve with the activity.

Also, these actions carried out by the Public Relations can submit information relating to the company and with the events or activities with media communication.
Examples of this information may be the prestige the Company owns, the quality of the products or services you offer, the benefits of working at the company, the good working environment, the important actions that has been or is to be carried out such as buying or merging with another company, etc.

Information which communicates through the media or channels such as announcements or press releases, press conferences, advertising channels, blogs, social networks, etc.
An example of the use of Public Relations in a company, could be the organization of a business event (for example, the Conference of a well-known businessman), and its promotion through different media (for example, through advertisements in the local press).
Then we can say that public relations are based on a bilateral communication, as it is not only dedicated to send a message to the public or toward their workers, but also allows you to gather information from these, as their needs, their preferences, their interests, their opinions, etc. and allow you to maintain a good relationship with the workers of the company, which generates a good working environment, which generates efficient and motivated workers.

What are the benefits of the public relations in a company?

Having a specialist in communication as it should be a public relations is very visible. How much harm or benefit can cause a piece of information or a news article in a media, to avoid this it is best to have a public relations specialist who has the most control of what is published about the business.
Having a Public Relations specialist will also help us to build the identity of the company by answering questions such as: What are you? How we present ourselves to society?
Not only will convey messages, also we will be able to appear in media that we always want to or that best suits the budget and our activity.
They know the means to do so and the fact of going out in the television or other mass media does not ensure success. Who will break the current border that prevents new clients come to the brand and bear in mind that this figure will increase our credibility and, therefore, brand our reputation. In addition, it is very cost effective when compared with other marketing or advertising media. In the end, it is necessary to convey what we want on the company and its products and ensure that these messages are not distorted and lead to incorrect interpretations.

The correct application of strategies brings certain benefits for companies among which we can mention:

-It creates trust and credibility to your target audience.
-It contributes to the positioning of the corporate brand and that it can be distinguished from the rest of its competitors.
– It helps bring new customers
– It is beneficial to establish channels of communication with other important entities as a means of communication, other companies, government, NGOS etc
-To create a climate of harmonious relationships between the company and the external and internal public makes possible the fulfilment of the goals and objectives of the institution.


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