18 mayo, 2024

There is nothing more pleasent than travelling and knowing new places different cultures but at the time of undertaking your trip you should keep in mind that the traditions and customs very in each country.
If people do not know the customs of dedtination to which travelling they can feel easy uncertaintly so says Gert Kopera the executive vice president of global restaurants around the world.
Kopera has eaten in more than 70 countries and shares his advice on how to succesfully attend a restaurant anywhere in the world.
One of them is the arrive at the appropiate it is important that one knows what is the schedule that people eat in that place so that at the time one goes the restaurants are not closed or empty.
For example in the united states the dinner stats between 6 and 7 in the afternoon in this country it is the strongest food of the day.
In England tea time starts 4 oclock it is usually a full mean while the dinner is ligther and served at 8 oclock in tje evening or later.
In Spain and South American countries the average dinner stars at 10 oclock in the evening and in India the time between 9 and 11 oclock at night.
Another guideline to keep in mind the use of utensils in the correct way Kopera suggests that travelers observe the people of the place while that eat and what they do.
Take your time in many countries such as Brasil, France and Italy the meals last several hours they consider it as time to share with family and friends savor food and conversation in what Kopera suggests.
Finally the payment and tip is not all countries are ttaditional.In Japan it can be an insult in countries like France divide the accounts considered unsophisticated.
Thats why important that you find out the correct label in terms of tips and that you use the local country.


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