17 abril, 2024

I would like to know Misiones for its beauty, culture and nature. Visit Puerto Iguazú, its Costanera avenue that stretches from the Iguazu River, the Milestone of the 3 borders that is a point represented with an obelisk and points the border with Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, Aripuca Resort is a giant replica of a trap built with logs that is used to catch birds, visit the city of the East through the Bridge of Friendship as it has a large shopping center exempt from taxes, and buy electronic items, and the Iguazu Falls that are inside the Park National Iguazu as it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and has 275 jumps, divided in two arms by the big island and through the catwalks, also see jungle animals, trees, flowers, in the entrance to the park you will also find a shopping center food court and you can walk along the green path which is a short tour, or climb the ecological train of the jungle, or reali I went to the upper circuit of 800 and got to the devils throat, and I was able to embark and thus embark on the nautical adventure. Another of the excursions I would take would be to visit the Wanda mines and see how the precious stones are extracted and buy some souvenirs, Visiting the town of San Ignacio, it is known for having Jesuit ruins called Ruins of the mission of St. Ignatius Mini whose remains are among the best preserved of this historical stage and were declared as World Heritage of humanity, comprises temple, cemetery square , and buildings for the natives go fishing the fishing club, go to Playa del Sol beach that besides beach there are quichos grills restaurants live shows and discos. Get to know the Obera region as it has the park of nations where the feast of immigrants is celebrated, the garden of the birds, since it has more than 200 species, visit the cathedral San Antonio de Padua, tour the route of tea.


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